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We Are IDEAmation

A St. Louis-based Inventioneering Company established in 1998, as an out-growth of Small Business Systems…which was started in 1977 as a Micro-Computer Consulting firm that gave seminars on the benefits and advantages of desktop computers for Word Processing. From there it evolved into designing and developing applications software for small businesses using Basic and then later various relational database management platforms. It was decided to change the name to IDEAmation Engineering when we began to offer up our ingenuity and expertise to clients wanting Web-based products.



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We are looking for INFOpreneurs!

INFOpreneurs are actually entrepreneurs that recognize that new markets and growth to their business operations revolve around how well they present themselves to those using ‘New Media” technology and techniques to FIND them or their products and services…OR that wish to find out all they can about their offerings and unique selling propositions BEFORE they commit to becoming a customer.

Having a responsive website –one that looks good on any mobile device like an Ipad or Iphone—is just one of many areas that must be addressed by those entrepreneurs that wish to have a positive impact on this market. And the marketplace may be dominated by 18-35 year olds but many seniors and those in their middle ages are also very tech-savvy as well.

Dynamic content is another area that is crucial for YOU to consider and planning on how to acquire the most current content relevant to your market niche is a big part of that area of marketing and branding. This might include multi-media formats with testimonies of current and past customers. Or it might mean that you provide a moderated news feed from various sources into your website so that you can pull regular traffic and eventually convert those visitors into real clients.

Or INFOpreneur Wannabes!

Now not everyone knows enough about the marketing potential of online sales or sales derived from your online marketing efforts. That’s OK. We Do. And we believe in educating all of our clients so that they eventually they have expertise in eMarketing and eSales as well. This is not ‘rocket science’ but it IS changing everyday and having a CIO or information systems PARTNER that has the interest in staying current and the background of where the market has come from is extremely cost effective. Education is expensive. With IDEAmation Engineering as your partner in this it become extremely affordable.

About US

IDEAmation Engineering came out of a company called ‘Small Business Systems’, owned by David Meintrup, renamed in 1998. The IDEA he had was to create a more unique, brandable name for his software development efforts because several others had decided to start using his company’s name (Small Business Systems) even though he had been using it since 1977 when he started his computer consulting practice. He had not incorporated this business entity so there was no name protection and having to hassle with corporate bookkeeping and regulations was not really worth it at that time.

It was a short time after that, that David had a heart attack and was sidelined him for half of the year. This meant that IDEAmation and all the plans for launching his ServiceLog software went up in smoke. After that recovery period the doctors advised less stress and less hours. In 2002, David thought he’d retire and concentrate on helping nonprofits with getting an online presence as well as buying and selling antiques to make some extra income. From that he started helping Executor’s settle estates; liquidating the assets. This eventually evolved into his Estate-Prep business enterprise and work turned from IDEAmation and the web development.

In 2012, after much analysis and coaching he started to look at focusing once again on some systems development projects and business analyst consulting projects. When some ‘Infopreneurs’ approached him about building a unique combination of ‘SaaS’ (software as a service) sites he decided to spend the time and money to take what he had learned over the last dozen years and implement a game-plan that exploited that insight and knowledge-base for a CO-OPerative eBiz/Social Networking structure that was based on the Habitat for Humanity and Boy Scouts business models.

The re-launch of IDEAmation is all about how to work collectively, and collaboratively in and through an environment of like-minded people to capture the great power of many people working together to help one another to achieve greater goals than they could possibly attempt on their own…with only their own resources, contacts, and capital.

From this stock platform we will build a number of crowd-sourcing oriented sites that share many of the same structural key features and systems elements.

About Our Vision & Mission

To create 100,000 new millionaires; who in turn help millions of other entrepreneurs, reach their goals as well. These BIZionaires will be our business agents sharing our programs and techniques throughout the world.

Our Mission:

Bring light, hope & valuable resources to anyone that has a DREAM or Calling, that needs to be realized…changing the epidemic of ‘unRealized Potential’ that defers people’s HOPE until they eventually give up altogether.

Our Offer:

Give us 1 year of working with you and if your project is not ten times further along –with our help…then we’ll give you double your money back.

Our Unique Sales Proposition:

  • It’s a CO-OP, owned by members
  • Utilizes a ‘Pay-It-Forward’ principle… like Habitat for Humanity
  • Small Collaborative A-Teams (Alliance Teams)
  • Profit Sharing based on time contributions

Our Motto:

We Honor God…in Helping People… realize their Purpose and Potential

Our Goal:

To be the largest CO-OPerative Marketing Exchange of Creative Joint-Venture Partners in the world.