eMarketing Consulting

eMarketing Consulting


Whatever your product or service is we can design a program to get the ‘Max Q’ out of it .

In order to accomplish the goals of any business –eBiz or Bricks & Mortar or even Creating & Introducing a new Product…you must first identify the prospective buyers of the items. Then in order for you to convince them your items are worth the effort and separation anxiety of their money; you must develop a PLAN to:

  1. Reach the Right Targeted Buyers
  2. Prove it’s Worthy of their Spending Money on
  3. That it’s the Best Deal out there
  4. And that it’s a Safe & Easy Transactional Process

This is eMarketing in a nutshell. Simple but Strategical difficult and Tactically complex….in the busy, distracting world of online business operations.

You can read dozens of books, attend several seminars, try lots of local and national service providers….OR you can hire IDEAmation Engineering – for $100/hour – to get you to the end GOAL, quicker, better (being then Self-Reliant) and in a much shorter time frame. 

We don’t have grand Master’s Classes or great works of fictional stories of past successes; just common sense conversations with a person that’s been doing technological machinations and marketing via online systems since they were invented.

My goal has always been the same. Help anyone that God puts across my Path and worry about the rest of the business profitmaking stuff afterwards.

People pay me on a time and materials basis for any work we do and on a ‘Performance-basis’ on larger projects that we feel have a great upside but the client doesn’t have the available capital. Of course these are the exception to the normal SOP.

eMarketing Has Lots of Legs:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Product Positioning
  • Target Market Identification
  • Search Word Framing
  • Website Design
  • Content Management
  • Exposure Game-Planning
  • SEO & SEM
  • Social Media Strategizing
  • Full Media Optimization
  • Social-Collateral Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

And that’s just to highlight some of the areas to be addressed. 

So, the bottom-line is – Seek Professional Help – before you lose your initial surprise attack on the market and knock-off competitors come out of the woodwork to harvest what you’ve introduced to the marketplace as new and unique. You ‘USP – unique selling position’ only is a Window in Time!