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Technology Transfers

Technology Transfer is the business of taking intellectual property and a knowledge base in one area of business and applying it to another market. Sometimes it involves the creation of an entirely new product from the use of that knowledge or science. Other times it is merely the tweaking of one existing product to create a completely new, unrealized market in another industry or area of business. It is the “application” of existing technologies that makes this such an exciting field.

What is required to accomplish this feat is a general understanding of the product or science as well as a broad background in adapting products and processes for use in other environments. Unfortunately those that are the closest to an existing technology can only see the current applications for the product or technology. It is the, “Can’t See the Forest for the Trees” issue. They are TOO close to the product. When an outsider comes in such as IDEAmation they can apply several other views to a given situation through their unique TEAM Collaboration program called IDEAmation Circles. Dave Meintrup, our fearless leader, has brought together a very capable team of scientists, engineers, IP Attorneys, entrepreneurs, marketing gurus, medical professionals, chemists, physicists, artists, designers, and inventors into a orderly. collaborative group. His network workes like a network marketing matrix as well. Each direct team member has dozens of contacts with their own peers, with their own knowledge, background, expertise and insights. Then each of those people have their network of friends and colleagues, and so on.

Through the use of email and phone communications the ideas can flow freely. David has created more than this however. He has structured the environment to reward their creativity and ingenuity while maintaining confidentiality and security to the client. The net result is that the minds of hundreds of brilliant people can be at work on devising new applications for your technology and expertise. This is a valuable resource.

When the next phase of our game plan is implemented hundreds of technology transfer ideas and opportunities will be flowing through a new website called…””

Connessions is a word coined by Leonardo Da Vinci. It means the “systematic approach to problem solving”. For the IDEAmation Nation (our own network of members) it is all about bringing the right people together to collaborate and help each other find new markets, new product lines, and new applications for existing technology.

The areas we will be exchanging information on are:

  • Licensing Deals 
  • R & D Collaboration 
  • Intellectual Property 
  • Patents for Sale 
  • Marketing/Distribution Channels 
  • Financing R & D 
  • Contract Research 
  • Venture Capital Development 
  • Technology Transfer Opportunities