Creative Services

Creative Services


We can figure out a great brandable name & Logo or given a problem, develop a marketable new product solution.

Why is the Right Brand Name Important for your Business?

The brand name is your customer’s first contact with your company and its products.

The right brand name begins the sale for you. It is your first sales rep, one that works for you around the clock, 7 days a week.

Pricing and Procedures

Basic Service for the research and creative services which include:

The cost of the basic service package begins at $1000 and the final cost will depend on how many names are selected and whether interaction with the client is in person or by conference call. (We discount non-profit organizations including small, startup companies.)

Our Record

Here are some of the company and product names already created by the IDEAMATION Team

Company Names:  Meintrup Marketing Associates, Small Business Systems, Flipside Impression Products, B.First Computerworks, Databased Systems, American Equipment Locating Exchange (AELEX), Internet Systems Developers & Publishers Guild (ISDPG), EFTS Solutions, Ozark Mountain Firewoods, Hombres Del Fuego BBQ, Clippership Programming CO-OP, CO-OPerative Marketing Network, Community Opportunity Development Networks (CO-OPnets), eChrista -the eChristian Alliance.

Software Packages:  IDEAL Books Accounting, IDEAL/Jobshop, IDEAL/Retail-Service Center, IDEAL/Trade-Broker, Optometron, Pharmasyst, QWRP (Quick Work & Resource Planner), CycleShop Manager, dGamePlan, Email2Access, Email2Survey, Clipper-List, Service-Log Software, Resource-File, AssetsMinder, Master-Schedules, Escrow Manager, CheckAsyst, SpecDoc, ServiceCall Scheduler, Leads2Clients, ProspectScout.

Domain Names:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

What is in a Successful Brand Name?

Clear Meaning (Semantics): A brand name should have an intrinsic meaning of lasting significance, connoting a class or category of the highest rank.

Creative Structure (Morphology): A brand name should have a creative and imaginative structure. Terminix, for example, is based on the Latin root “termin” meaning “to end”. The x of “Terminix” is based on the Latin prefix ex-, meaning “away” or “gone”. The new suffix -nix further implies negation, prohibition, elimination. The final product, “Terminix” further exploits the similarity between “termite” and “termin” to suggest the complete and absolute elimination of termites.

Appealing Sound (Phonology): A brand name should have a pleasant psychoacoustic effect on the hearer. Another device that can be employed is onomatopoeia, as in Zip Lock, alliteration (Tinker Toy), rhyming assonance (Nutter Butter), and other rhetorical devices to assure that our brand names stick in the minds of those who hear them.

Recognition Value: A successful trade name should be instantly recognizable. Paul Newman’s name on his salad dressing line, Newman’s Own, is instantly recognizable because of his fame as an actor. Recognizability can also derive from the name of the product line itself, the word for the problem the product resolves, and many other sources.

Prestige Value: A commercial name should possess the power to command admiration. Products with French or Italian names often command such prestige. “Clinique” sounds more prestigious than “Clinic” and “pasta” is more sophisticated than “noodles”. The selection of certain words or morphemes can contribute prestige value; that is why “Premier,” “Super,” and “Ultra” frequently appear in commercial names.

Catchy Rhythm: Pleasing poetic syllable patterns may add to the memorability of a company or product name. A roller coaster named “Super Duper Looper” may sound silly, but people remember the name.

Emotive Value: Certain words elicit strong cultural or psychological reactions. Names with “American”, “mother” or “family” in them not only evoke positive psychological responses but can also have warm emotional effects on the hearer.

Our team exploits all of these features and others to generate innovative, memorable names.

There are countless ways to form words and to derive product names from them and countless ways the name you choose can impact your business. We are a finely crafted team of specialists proficient in generating new, imaginative names. We hope you will give us an opportunity to serve you up a really GREAT NAME.