Our Projects

We are proud to show you our projects that were made with all our skills and professionalism.

Current Projects in Development

Connessions – a cooperative collaborative MasterMind-type group setting for solving problems using a systematic approach to overcoming personalities, difficult processes and market dynamics with ingenuity and innovative techniques. Initiated by an eBook – “Growth By Design thru Connessions” and eventual Courseware. – is an alternative to FaceBook and Twitter and Pinterest for and by Christians primarily TO other Christians principally thru Testimonies by Subject or Category as well as InfoGraphics to use in small group Bible study settings that illustrate a particular subject matter in a visual way. We will also have a ‘.com’ site available for non-members to retrieve information geared towards those ‘Seeking a closer relationship with God’ and whereby a member of our private trusted network can refer a friend to their personal Ministry pages. ‘’ may be a sister site strictly for viewing Testimonies in a monthly newsletter format. – A site for the sale of various Intellectual Properties…such as Domains, Programs and other copyrighted materials.

HEXAIRCRETE Building Wall Panels – are Hexagonally shaped foam-crete building panels that are mortarless, interlocking and highly insulative while also being extremely stable in hurricanes or earthquakes. – is intended to be an online auction site for estate sellers. It will be a one-off high volume of photo uploads that automatically creates a standard auction listing off the pics and a selection of their category and assignment of an item name coming off another sister site called ‘PhotoPhiler’.

Past Projects

Southwestern Bell Telephone: …First consulting client. Administrator for the President attended one of my weekend seminars on Word Processing and explained a problem they had with their Wang Dedicated Word Processors. They couldn’t print the Greek characters and other Math symbols for a rate-hike analysis report. So we ordered a math symbols daisy-wheel (this was long before laser printers) and then took their 10” Wang floppy disk and converted it to a CPM readable format and programmed the printer to stop at every formula to allow for us to change the daisy wheel element. Dot Matrix printers were not widely used yet either. This lead  to an ongoing relationship with all divisions of SWBT and we constructed many custom programs and APPs.

TOMCO, Inc.: Initially was there to help the marketing department create some CRM database programs but I discovered they were preoccupied with getting their parts catalog out to the typesetter so it could be ready for the annual printing prior to a trade show. We propsed an alternative that was cheaper, easier, faster and with less mistakes and re-do’s. Convert their hundreds of auto parts to a database and then set up an INFOPUBLISHER schema or programmed layout for Pagemaker thus allowing them to skip the Typesetter part of the process altogether. They saved $20,000 on the first go around and dramatically changed the way they could produce specialty catalogs anytime they wished with smaller print runs.

Specialty Services:  This company was into a lot of alternative energy and asbestos abatement work. I designed and developed solar trough collectors, methane gas digestors, small scale wind generators, remote oil field tank storage security systems, etc.—beside PC based accounting software.

Aabbot Asbestos:  After the owner of Specialty Services lost his company due to unscrupulous partners he hired me to install a new accounting system and then help him improved on the methods and techniques of asbestos removal using a water-soaker hose and plastic encapsulation technique. Cheaper and quite a bit faster.

US Justice Dept. / FBI:   What started out as a ghostwriting assignment for a CI (confidential informant) to tell his side of the story turned into a multi-year project organizing the hundreds of 302 files of interviews and notes, countlass hours of Niagara reels of undercover recordings, pictures, case file profiles and the like all into an indexed database for the prosecution and agents to appear a little more organized in the presentation of a very large and complicated political corruption case involving contractors and organized crime figures. 23 convictions were the result. And I was told the FBI continued to use my software for many years – unofficially.

OPTEK, Inc.: This company initially asked for a simple database program to keep track of their patient’s optometric records. It evolved into a complete store management system with Point-of-Sales tied into accounting and patient management record keeping. It became our “Optometron” software package.

Astech Machine & Tool: Keeping track of McDonnell-Douglas’s parts for tooling bids and their design and cost accounting was very burdensome. This program became our “IDEAL Jobshop” software package and was easily adapted to many different type of jobshop custom shops in the future.

Morgner Heating & Cooling: From our jobshop package evolved our “Service-Log” software package to satisfy the ‘enterprise-wide’ needs of heating and cooling service contractors throughout St. Louis. As always it was cheaper, better and above all more flexible to their unique wants and needs as they owned their ‘Sourcecode’.

Churches & Non-Profit Organizations: Over the years I have had a special inclination to help charities and churches. I created a unique set of programs that decreased the manpower needed to keep track of WHO was donating WHAT and what talents and skills their followers had and/or were offering so they could collaboratively spread out the resource donation requests. Also to spot trends and put funds into the proper account buckets.

Analytix of St. Louis: For many years Analytix sent us clients that needed custom relational database software applications developed for their clients that bought networked systems from them.

Forsyth Computers, Businessland, ComputerLand, etc.: During most of the 80’s when PC’s were proliferating the computer store is where you would go to get your hardware. Through relationships with the store managers my company (Small Business Systems) would be recommended to supply them with any software that they needed other than the normal stock software like MS-Office. We always used mainstream database management tools and common languages as well as gave them the sourcecode in the end so they could control their own destiny.

Doctors Offices: Patient management record keeping and doctor appointment scheduling were the mainstays of our work with medicals offices and hospitals; but also was a unique medical notes transcriptionist program we wrote and sold that was a precursor to an AI / self-learning prompting and medical terminology glossary / index.

Attorneys:  Many Attorneys had unique docket management requests as well as client record keeping needs. As with people desiring a custom home built with an Architect to design it to their specifications the Lawyers we serviced had that same desire of managing their business to their liking. We even incorporated a specialized time keeping apparatus that integrated to their case file database to speed the billing process.

Maritz Motivation:  As a contract Client Systems Consultant I was charged with creating many client administration programs for their Motivational Incentive programs. These included clients such as 3M, ASICS Tiger, GMC, Nissan, International Harvester, etc.. While there I designed a completely PC-based ‘PAMS’ system (Program Administration Management System) to allow the administration of the motivation programs to be created by the administrators and completely bypass the delay and cumbersome overhead of the mainframe processing protocal.

Flipside Impression Products:  In 1978 I designed a longer life ribbon cartridge for the XEROX daisy wheel printer due to the supply chain problems experienced over the previous couple of years. The demand far exceeded the supply and people resorted to recycled used cartridges. By doubling the width of the carbon ribbon we created two tracks like an audio cassette. Then by modifying the cartridge design and switching the O-Ring drive belt to the other side with slide-thru drive posts the user could achieve 4-6 times the productivity from each cartridge. I sold the patent to NEC Corp for their series 3500 printers.

ITEX Barter Bank/Exchange:  This Barter Exchange needed the same characteristics as a bank but instead of money we had to track Trade Credits and the information about WHAT was bartered in each transaction on both sides of the transaction…for record keeping and statement billing including the fees.

Christian Disposal: Despite the name this company did not dispose of Christians  but instead removed their trash. Spread out as they were, efficient route planning and management was key…particularly with keeping up with past due clients as well as the monthly postcard billing and receivables posting were crucial.

ClipperShip Programming Co-Op: Once upon a time there were more programs written in Clipper than all the other languages. An opportunity presented itself to create and develop a community of Clipper Programmers to share code and ideas. This was prior to the internet and many of the Social Media platforms that came with it. Its demise came when Clipper’s Nantucket owners sold out to Computer Associates and they ruined the platform.

Visionary Crowd Funding:  A group of InfoPreneurs wanted to create a crowd sourcing platform for creatives in the music industry, early stage entrepreneurial ideas and authors seeking publishers. Due to the lack of adequate capital from the founders our design and subsequent programming never came to fruition.

AELEX – American Equipment Locating Exchange: Prior to the Internet the way for people to tele-communicate was thru BBS (bulletin-board systems). This project was a RDBMS written in Clipper and utilized the Wildcat BBS platform to share industrial and commercial equipment listings for sale by category. It was the first of its kind to do so…putting equipment online for sale through Asset Recovery Agents around the country.