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What makes an “Elegant Solution”?

For a long time this term “an Elegant Solution” has been primarily a programmer’s term for a piece of code or whole program fix that was not only an effective software solution but also very efficient in the amount of code used to solve the problem presented.  It is widely known that if you have enough time and money you can affect a solution with IT technology…but is it an efficient use of resources?  That is what has traditionally been considered a truly Elegant Solution…an innovative use of code, data, and tools that multiplies their effectiveness …all working together…particularly with re-useable code and subroutines that work for a variety of instances and other applications.

In the case of new products, eVenture start-ups, and general eMarketing…this direction of taking your work product and using it as much as possible —perhaps in various Apps as well.

Some other examples of this thought in technology and products are listed below:

  • Typewriters…over hand written composition
  • Xerox copies …over carbon copies
  • Desktop Publishing over Typesetting
  • The evolution of word processing over DTP
  • Color Laser Printers over Black & White Lasers, and Lasers over Dot-Matrix printer….over daisywheel serial printers
  • IPODs over Sony Walkman’s with cassettes

Times and needs are constantly changing…inviting new solutions and new technology developments.  Change is everywhere and when inventor’s and other people’s ingenuity are put to test….great elegant solutions spring forth.

We believe that complex problems can be solved with thorough, top-down solutions that look at the situation from another perspective (paradigm) and create a whole new environment… is to provide that elegant solution…to a problem worth solving.

What makes a Problem worth Solving?

Sometimes the SIZE of the problem in terms of dollars or other time costs make it imperative to find a solution.  Sometimes it is just a drag on profits and the status quo is accepted and put up with.  Sometimes the problems are too complex and require a very comprehensive, long-term position that is merely waiting for a breakthrough technology-wise to complete the solution.

This is what we have done with Connessions….brought various elements of technology together with some accepted Social-Networking and information management solutions.

Finding and then Fixing that Problem Worth Solving:

As we said the cost of the problem determines the value to the company or organization in the solution.  It also determines the speed in which they will ACT to something different, something unknown, when trying out a fix.  These costs must rise to a certain threshold…before they become ‘actionable’.

That threshold contains 6 components to watch for:

  • The overall cost to the user for the problemsolver’s solutions and the cost to implement their idea
  • The time to acclimate the crew to this new way of doing things as well as making that change adjustment
  • How ‘obvious’ it is…or do I have to educate the parties very much (sell) on why this new way is better
  • Development complexity….how simple is your solution?
  • Market Niche size –is it worth all the trouble?…for how many you can sell??
  • Cost of existing products or processes…if something expensive is being underused or not paying its way, then an alternative might be considered

Another area that forces a change of direction is ‘Statutory Mandates’….here laws are enacted that force you to make a change by a certain date.

Also is the problem nationwide or just a local problem or a very narrow niche situation?

Let’s look at some national problems that are broad and widespread and not simple to define, size or come up with simple solutions.

  • Unemployment – or Under-employment situations
  • High cost of Energy
  • High cost of Alternative Energy solutions
  • High cost of Home Ownership
  • Food –costs, quality, long term storage
  • Taxation
  • Erosion of Freedoms
  • Security / Self-Defense
  • Divorce  /  Loneliness  / Compatibility  /  Meeting People

How Groupware Can Play a Major Role in Strategic Alliances and Connessions:

  • Becoming an ‘Attractant’….with Social Collateral Leverage
  • Know what you Know….then becoming an known expert
  • eMarketing and Branding that expertise or insiders information
  • Then managing the ‘connections’ with your alliance partners electronically and automatically

Groupware Components:

  • People / Resources Profiling and Contact Management
  • Project Manager
  • Campaign / Marketing Methodology Tracker
  • Scheduler and Event Planner
  • Full Communications Package – emails, videos, PODcasts, blogs, chat, SMS/texting, autoresponders, etc.
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